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Cutting-edge Powerful Gaming3 Ecosystem

Cutting-edge Powerful Gaming3 Ecosystem

Developing a gaming ecosystem through innovative Web3 experiences, quality gameplay, high-end design, purposeful storytelling and financial incentives. All backed by a strong and sustainable play and own model. Incubated by Ubisoft and developed on Unreal Engine 5.

Join the Oxyan gaming revolution

Key Metrics

Nine culturally-significant tribes populate the three Oxyan planets, owned by an engaged community of hardcore gamers and astute investors.

7898 Realistic 3D Avatars game assets sold-out in less than 20mins in January (2354 ETH).

Discord +200,000

13,000 ETH Traded on Opensea.

Twitter +100,000

Gaming Map Sold-out (10% of our supply) in October.

Instagram +23,000

Our Partners

Our vision

Oxya Origin Trailer

Alpha Gameplay

The ecosystem is designed to grow sustainably rather than rapidly therefore making it easier for newcomers to join in.

Oxya Origin games are a free to play and revolve around a player-owned, collectible asset ecosystem including Avatars, Weapons, Lands and Tokens.

In-game TPS (Third person shooter) weapons and equipment can be crafted and upgraded on Lands by using raw materials then traded on the marketplace.

Developed on Unreal Engine 5 by a team of hardcore gamers and talented artists. The Roguelite mode, Land Strategy game, Battle Royale and open world have the same assets.

OXYA Ecosystem

All collectible game items are linked in the circular economy. Players can generate active and passive revenue as well as rule in the OXYA Federation by playing the game or simply holding Oxyan assets.
Dual Token
Token in game
OXYA is the governance currency of the ecosystem. It can be used to vote in the Federation and to mint new collectible assets.
LUKRA is a common currency that can be earned in-game and used to buy or sell collectible assets on the marketplace.
In-game Items
Raw materials found under a Land’s soil can be used to build, craft and upgrade collectible in-game assets such as Weapons, Buildings, Equipment and Utility Infrastructures that can in turn be traded on the marketplace.
Lands are the base of the ecosystem’s supply chain. The only place where players can passively collect raw materials and make use of their utility by placing buildings and using them.
Populating the Lands, avatars embody the player in TPS games and can be used to boost Land production and collect staking rewards.


Oxya Inception
Origin and storyline introduced
+300K members acros all media channel
  • 7898 Avatars Game Assets sold-out in 20mins
  • Staking platform, Season 1
  • Incubation at Ubisoft Entrepreneur Labs in Station F (Top European incubator)
  • Immutable X Partnership
  • Staking Season II
  • Whitepaper released
  • Atari X Partnership
  • Gaming Map sold-out (10% of our supply)
  • S3 Staking
  • Federation
  • 30% Rewards
  • Colony Merge
  • End of 1st Private Sale
  • Beta test Roguelite game & Management dashboard
  • New branding completed
  • Token Launch and economy activated
  • Tournament pre-launch (For NFTs holders)
  • 2nd land Mint
  • $OXYA Staking goes live
  • Twitch channel with dedicated KOLs
  • New partnerships & Web 2 integration
  • Alpha Test of Battle Royale
  • Launch of Social Experiences
  • Expansion & new platform development
  • Batlle Royale goes live
  • GATES ORIGIN goes live
  • (PvE Mode + PvP modes + Virtual World)


  • 1 5% Partners & Advisors
  • 2 13,33% Private Sale 1st round
  • 3 13,33% Private Sale 2nd round
  • 4 3,33% Airdrop
  • 5 5% Liquidity
  • 6 20% Players & Ecosystem
  • 7 20% Team
  • 9 22% Staking

Total Token Supply
Initial MCAP (At Private Sale)
Initial MCAP (At Listing)
Public Token Price
Hard Cap

99,975,000 OXYA

• 6 mo. Lockup
• Monthly linear vesting over 18 mo. thereafter

5,000,000 OXYA

• 10% at listing
• 1 mo. lockup
• Monthly linear vesting over 6 mo. thereafter

150,000,000 OXYA

• 6 mo. Lockup
• Monthly linear vesting over 24 mo. thereafter

165,000,000 OXYA

• Locking period chosen by the staker

150,000,000 OXYA

• Equal installments over 60 mo. thereafter

37,500,000 OXYA

• No lockup

22,500,000 OXYA

• 6 mo lockup
• Equal installments over 18 mo. thereafter

24,975,000 OXYA

• No lockup
• Airdropped to our community (NFT holder) at TGE

Join our community

Team & Advisors

+120 people have contributed closely or very closely to make oxyaorigin what it is today. There are more than 20 of us passionately involved in this adventure.


The double token economy’s purpose is to sustain value and growth while facilitating free-to-play gaming to attract newcomers. The $OXYA token is used to obtain governance power, rent decentralized space as well as purchase and mint non-fungible assets and equipment. The $LUKRYA token is the in-game currency used for day-to-day transactions. $OXYA token is available to Oxya asset holders and through private sale only while the $LUKRYA token can be obtained by completing in-game missions and objectives or staking $OXYA.

Tokenomics were conceived to work in accordance with the recurring player-base in order not to turn into a ponzi scheme type model. This means that new players are not needed to increase value though demand. The token value can rise thanks to the multiple burn mechanisms in place and the nature of our ecosystem’s circular economy, as long as players are gaming and we continue to scale the experience, organic increase will persist. Any expected influx of new players will only serve as a bonus increase. To learn more about the circular economy and upcoming projects you can check out our Whitepaper.

$OXYA tokens will be listed on DEX and CEX as soon as the first round of the private sale concludes and the first game mode is launched. For more information about the project timeline, you can check out our roadmap.

The Oxya ecosystem is designed to serve multiple purposes for the Gamers, Investors, Collectors and Creators of our community. Gamers can make the most out of their assets by playing the game, strategically managing the resources at their disposal and completing missions and objectives through rewards. Investors can obtain active or passive income by either purposefully making use of their assets to maximize income or by renting them to other players in need for a small cut while also collecting airdrop and staking rewards. As development progresses, there will be more ways to spend $OXYA and make the most out of collectible assets such as designing your Land and collaborating with other players.

Oxya Origin collectible asset holders earn regular staking rewards and are granted access to our private community of gamers and investors as well as a rank in the OXYA Federation where they can govern the game’s direction and gain access to exclusive development information, surprise airdrops, Web.3 opportunities and early access to upcoming Game Modes.

Yes, the Oxya Roguelite mode will have a Beta test. The Alpha phase was conducted in-house with the help of a professional crew from Ubisoft. The Beta phase will start in 2023 in a closed beta environment of around 50 testers (a mix between the community and professionals) from which point we will gradually include more Oxya Holders to test the game as development calls for it until we reach the Public Beta Phase.

The gaming community is widespread around the world and web.3 is an ever-increasing space with new adaptors entering the market everyday. In that context we are positioning ourselves as a blockchain-entry project. That means that the game will be easily accessible to everyone and not have Web3 knowledge as a barrier of entry. In that context, the main areas targeted for gaming are eastern asia and south america while the main areas targeted for investors and collectors are north america, europe and the mena region.