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The three planets

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Founded in 2021 with an experienced team in gaming, marketing, design and tech.

Our team of specialists in different fields are approaching the next steps of our journey: Lands.

Embody your Oxyan

Shape of character's Luxion


Elite Fighting Task Force.
These people have been enhanced by cybernetic & mechanical prostheses, allowing them to flirt with immortality.They’re run by an AI that makes every individual nothing more than a soldier serving its cause. Humans killed in battle are recycled and reassembled to forge new combatants. After a few cycles, these people don’t have any human parts left, becoming robotized entities.

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One character of luxion
Shape of character's Luxion


Cybernetic Experts in bio-engineering.
They may still have some human flesh but the Hybrizz truly believe that robotics are the way forward. They dedicate their lives to the enhancement of bio-engineering technology with the vision to surpass immortality and reach the status of gods. Their most valued weapon is the Oxya crystals that serve as the base for their technologies. They test their technologies on the other tribes in exchange for resources.

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One character of Luxion
Shape of character's Luxion


Robots on the outside, humans on the inside.
The humans who died during the first 100 years of settlement were conserved to be brought back to life. Some of their organs may be missing but their souls fought for survival. A glitch in the programming caused some of the robots’ moral compasses to derail.

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One character of Luxion
Shape of character's Luxion


Daughters of no one, mothers of all
The wisest of the wise, they come from a dynasty of caring mothers who were separated by their men when leaving the old earth. They took it upon themselves to raise humanity’s children and teach them the old ways. They have a strong connection to the planet’s spirits prolonging their lifespans. Their motherly instinct comes to life as they turn into ferocious warriors when the children are at risk.

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One character of Naya
Shape of character's Luxion


Daughters of the old earth, mighty in battle
No one dares to challenge a suri in battle. They were taught the old ways by the Sakaris and dispose of multiple weapons in their arsenal. Their fighting technique is a unique blend of traditional martial arts but their true strength stems from their brains. The power housed within them is immense as they give life to certain elements of nature upon interaction. Feared by their enemies, loved by their allies, respected by all.

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One character of Naya
Shape of character's Luxion


Daughters of the goddess and nature
The first race that evolved in the new world, their connection to the mother goddess surpasses their ancestors’ love of war. They're known throughout the galaxy for their exquisite beauty and divine voice. Uninterested by battle, they spend their days sewing luxurious silks, painting and meditating while their nights are filled by dancing, singing and prayer.

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One character of Naya
Shape of character's Luxion


Nomads used as trade transport by the Vaalbarä
These people took up the road when they first landed on Kryo for fear of getting buried by the storms. They adapted quickly to survive in the harsh winter conditions then developed techniques to travel long distances. Their bodies are highly resistant to the cold thanks to their leather-like skin. After the long war, they became the living transportation service of the Vaalbarä, helping them connect cities and towns.

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One character of Kryo
Shape of character's Luxion


Wealthy people that love business and trade
The most successful tribe of the OXYAVERSE. They wasted no time upon arrival to build gigantic cities from which to trade and do business. They quickly planted their roots in the ground and started to use their power to influence the politics of this new galaxy. When the war started, their superior technology and mercenaries helped them win and cement themselves as the Kryo overlords.

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One character of Kryo
Shape of character's Luxion


Diggers that tried to reach the underground oceans
Upon reaching Kryo, a ship is rumored to have been seen crash and disappear. This tribe is made up of people who believe that a better world exists underground but their biggest challenge remains the unbreakable surface. They spend their lives digging, digging and digging trying to reach the promised land. Generation after generation they became physically strong but their dream remains a long way down.

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One character of Kryo

Become a landlord

Your Land, your rules. Discover what’s hidden under the surface by farming your Land for yield.

Land of Naya
Land of Kyro
Land of luxion
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Farm your Land for resources to craft, trade, upgrade, build and explore three planets, full of epic adventures and fateful encounters.

Become a landlord

Our team

An ever-growing, ambitious band of creatives and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in various fields shaping the future of Web 3.0.
The Oxya family blends the worlds of business, fashion and graphic design, as well as blockchain development and the world of crypto. We look forward to adding quality talent to our group of artists, game developers, salespeople and marketers.

Aaron Baylo

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Business strategist, community builder and sucessful entrepreneur. Alumni of ESSEC, UMICH & Cass, he has deep knowledge in blockchain & invested very early.


Co-founder Chairman

Tokenomist, gamer, crypto advisor, business strategist for +10 years. His experiences as a web3 entrepreneur, investor and crypto are keys.


Co-founder & COO

7+ years in HR and digital art, her talent and creativity are not to be proven with her great reputation in architecture.



Crypto-analyst & trader since 2015. Product owner and gamer pro. Lead teams for luxury brands and in war areas as a doc director for years.


Co-founder & Cso

NFT expert & adept of the Web3 space with extensive experience in combining technology with the worlds of music, entertainment and sports.


Chief Digital Officer

+10 years in tech working with Microsoft, Google, LVMH, Siemens and many others.


Chief Business Dev Officer

Trained in the biggest names Colony Capital, Tikehau Capital, Merlin Properties. Web 3 investor since 2017.


Chief Technical Officer

Created his first video game at 14. Passionate about blockchain & new tech, 4+ year in Crypto trading and Web3 Developement.



Ex COO of Xerox EU, VP of HP & Logitech, senior leadership team of marketing & analytics.


Senior Designer

Generalist CG artist Expert 3D, grooming, texturing & lighting


Spent 5 year participating in the strategy of the game of the biggest lottery company in France.


Lord of the ring game with NEtease), mobile game such as Z-End at Smart Tale Games... C.A @Ubisoft


Award-Winning - Global Gaming Professional & Game Strategist Web 3.0 [Ex-Blizzard / Ex-Riot Games].


Marvel, Netflix,Disney... Concept Artist on the 2 Avengers, The Witcher (Netflix), Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, The Fantastic 4, The Martian & Nike...


Creation of creatures for big productions (Hutong) and artist creatur for a Star Wars lighter...

+100 people have contributed closely or very closely to make Oxya Origin what it is today. There are more than 50 of us passionately involved in this adventure and we are ready than ever to revolutionize the Web 3.0

Other Design, Tech, Marketing, Game members

Emerique D.

Sarah R.

Thomas C.

Adam R.

Alicya M.

Anu M.

Théo S.

Théo K.

Chahine S.


Daniel G.

Stephane R.

Théo M.


Pierre G.

Karim B.

Jessica P.

Felix L.B.


Maxime M.

Lucas L.

Vincent H.

Yin X.

Lisa F.

Jessica C.

Théo N.

Aly F.










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